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Women Study centre


The Centre for Women Studies is functioning in the college with the goal of empowering its women community in the institution.  In Kerala, with respect to education at the graduate and post graduate levels, girls students out number boys.  More than 75% of students in colleges are girls. Thus any problem occurring in the college, some way or other affects the women community.   Hence women’s study centre in campuses are established to  provide  support for them, to look after their special needs and  to help them  overcome the short comings  caused by years of suppression and dependence.
 The women’s club of our college has been functioning for the last several years and it’s aim is the all round welfare and development of  women staff and students.   The cell particularly aims at the social and academic welfare of the girl students.   Seminars, debates, discussions, counselling sessions etc are conducted to create awareness among girls about social problems and to empower them overcome these problems.
The Centre for Women Studies comprises of a Co-ordinator, Joint co-ordinators, a lady representative from the college office and teaching departments as well as representatives from the student body.  CWS aims at creating awareness and to make the students familiar with women's issues and women's rights and to enable them critically analyze the Women's issues from the right perspectives.  It focuses on the following objectives:
1.      Empowerment of Women.
2.      Maintenance of the women recreation centre “ Thanal”
3.      Creation of awareness among girl students regarding issues related to  Women health.
4.      Prevention of Ragging.
5.      Providing a counselling unit to provide counselling, if necessary.
6.      Providing coaching to students in special skills like craft work, and other     aesthetic skills.
7.     Equipping girl students with positive thinking and to nurture a spirit of      self confidence among the girl students.

As part of it’s goal of empowerment of girl students,  the women’s cell of the College conducts Awareness classes and talks about  various topics like health issues and legal issues relating to women. The Women’s  cell has been conducting exhibitions as part of Onam celebrations and food festivals as part of the Women’s Day activities.  The profit earned out of these programmes is distributed to participants students.  The Women’s cell has also been conducting training  classes in craft work for students of the college  who shows interest in such activities.

Committee members
1.      Advisory Member                - Prof. Laila Gangadharan( HOD, Dept of                                                                                                Chemistry)
2.      Co-ordinators                     - Maya.P.K (Dept of Economics)
             Dr. Jayanthi. S (Dept of Sanskrit)
3.      Joint. Co-ordinators            -  Dr. Rathika Nath.G (Dept  of Chemistry)
     RenuSree.L (Dept of Commerce)
4.      Dept Members                   -  Dr.T.A.Geetha Devi (Dept of  Malayalam)
     Prof.I.S.Sasikala Devi Dept of  Hindi)
                  Prof.Sandhya C Vidyadharan (Dept of  English)
                  Prof.meera.S.Anand ( Dept of Physics)
                  Dr.Ramaniamma.M ( Dept of  Mathematics)
                  Dr.Mini Chandran.C ( Dept of Zoology)
                  Prof.Jayasree.R ( Dept of Statistics)
                  Prof. Sheeja.J ( Dept of Physical Education)
                  Prof. Dhanya S.R ( Dept of Botany)
                  Smt.Nisha.K.J( Dept of Political science)
                  Smt. Sujitha ( Dept of History)
5.      Student Co-ordinators         - Sajitha.P (III B.A. History )
     Alli Krishnan. ( II.B.A Economics )
     Thasleema.M ( I.B. Sc Chemistry )
     Vanditha. G ( II.B.Sc. Physics)

The CWS activities of the college  was inaugurated by Adv.M.Gangadharakurup, former Chairman of Kerala PSC.    After the inauguration,  Dr.Laila Beevi and Adv.S.Leela gave a talk on the topic “Contemporary Women”.


                CWS observed  International Women’s Day with a weeklong celebration from 9th to 13th of March, 2014.
Ø  Talent Expo & Sale :On 8th, 9th & 10th of  March,  an Exhibition and “Marketing fest of Handicrafts  Exhibition”  was held which was  inaugurated by Dr.Sasikala at Thanal.

Ø  A talk on Positive Transformation by Sri.Jose David, Journalist and Social Consultent was conducted in the Seminar Hall on 11th March 2015.

Ø  To provide coaching to students in special skills like  handicraft,  the CWS conducted a demonstration class for handicrafts on 12th March 2015 at Thanal.

Ø  A Documentary titled  “ Thirike Varumbol” produced by Santhivanam, Pathanamthitta District Panchayat   was run on 13th March 2015 at the college.


Committee members
1.     Advisory Member                - Prof. Laila Gangadharan( HOD, Dept of                                                                                               Chemistry)
2.    Golden Jubilee Vanithavedi convenor : Dr.T.A. Geetha Devi (Dept of                                                                                                     Malayalam)
3.    Co-ordinator CWS               -  Maya.P.K (Dept of Economics)  
4.     Joint. Co-ordinators            -  Dr. Rathika Nath.G (Dept  of Chemistry)
 Dr. Jayanthi. S (Dept of Sanskrit)
 RenuSree.L (Dept of Commerce)
5.     Dept Members                      -
     Prof.I.S.Sasikala Devi Dept of  Hindi)
                  Prof.Sandhya C Vidyadharan (Dept of  English)
                  Prof.meera.S.Anand ( Dept of Physics)
                  Dr.Ramaniamma.M ( Dept of  Mathematics)
                  Dr.Mini Chandran.C ( Dept of Zoology)
                  Prof.Jayasree.R ( Dept of Statistics)
                  Prof. Sheeja.J ( Dept of Physical Education)
                  Prof. Dhanya S.R ( Dept of Botany)
                  Miss.Maya ( Dept of Political science)
                  Smt. Sujitha ( Dept of History)
6.     Student Co-ordinators         - Amritha.M (II.B.A Economics)
    Ahina Jose ( III.B.A Economics )
    Thasni ( II.B.A Sanskrit )


v With the help of Joint-Co-ordinators & students members “Thanal”- the resting place for  women students was  renovated through cleaning, painting and display of chart and photos.
v Installed an incinerator on 01.07.2015 (at a cost of Rs:26,500) in Thanal utilizing the  fund provided by the PTA of the college. 
v A meeting of students was  conducted to give awareness about the functioning and maintenance of the incinerator machine and selected two students to look after the machine.


In collaboration with CWS, the Vanithavedi organised a Golden Jubilee Vanithavedi National Seminar on 13th January 2016.     Smt.Deepa.D.Nair, IFS.( M.D. Kerala State Film Development Co-Operation) inaugurated the National Seminar.  The delegates were welcomed  by Dr. T.A.Geethadevi, Convenor Vanithavedi.    Dr Mrithula Nair .B, Principal, Ayyankali Memmorial Arts & Science College, Pathanapuram delivered a talk on the topic “ NEW MEDIAS AND YOUNGSTERS”

An one day workshop on stress management and personality development was conducted by CWS on 12/02/2016 at Thanal.  Theory and Practical classes for yoga  was held which were handled by two eminent Faculties of Arts of Living, Banglore , Smt Sindhu Subash and Vinitha Acharya,.

In collaboration with the planning forum;the Departmental club of Economics, CWS Conducted a consumer awareness programme for Kudumbasree Units in Sasthamcotta Panchayath on 11th December 2015 at Digital Seminar Hall of our College in connection with the National Consumers Day.The main aim of this extension acrtivity is to aware the Rights & Responsibility of  consumers in the present market situation.The classes are handled by Adv.G.Vasavan (Mediator Accredited by MCPC, Supreme Court of India).


 “Bhavana” (a publication by Thanal) was released on 8th March 2016 and all the teachers of our college who were retiring in the academic year 2015-16 were felicitated.

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