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ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition programme)

Posted on 06.08.2016

ASAP 2015-16
The present batch (2015-16) contains 21 students from Economics, Political Science, History, Commerce and Statistics.
Classes were commenced on 6-1-2016. As there are two sessions, Foundation Module and Skill Module ASAP started the Foundation Module first according to their rule.
On the very next day of the commencement of Foundation Module, a Skill Aptitude Test was conducted at Poruvazhy SDC. The co-ordinator accompanied the students on that day.
Around 80 modules have been conducted as of now.
A Campus Interview has been conducted along with IQAC and Career Guidance Cell. A total of 7 students were selected. The list of which is attached herewith. All of them were attended a 21 days training programme.
Two meetings have been conducted  by ASAP this year. One was for the Principals of all the colleges under Kerala University having ASAP courses. On 20-04-2016, the meeting was at the University Chamber. On behalf of Principal, the co-ordinator attended the meeting from our college. In that meeting, Registrar asked to provide suggestions about putting ASAP stamp in the certificates issued by the University. Also, fruitful discussion was made to initiate new courses applicable to second year students also but on an add-on basis.
The skill course was planned to start on 20-04-2016. But because of the Ban of District Collector, the class postponed and started on 21-05-2016. “Data Entry” is our skill course which is sanctioned as a single batch course.
Another Meeting of DLMC (District Level Monitoring Committee) under Kollam area. It was in the Kollam Collectorate Conference Hall on 18-06-2016. At that meeting both Principal and Co-ordinator was invited and the co-ordinator attended. At that meeting the functioning of all the institutions including schools were analysed and collector sponsored one of our student.

The functioning of the Foundation Module of  ASAP classes is prior to the working hours and that of skill Module is on Saturdays.

ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition programme) , an initiative by Higher Education and General Education Departments, Government of Kerala aims to bring the students in line with the current labour market, by furnishing them with the skills along with their regular academics, based on the needs of the current employment market. Dr. S. Girijakumari is the co ordinator of ASAP in our college.
In a campus interview by the ASAP Sri. Akhil raj was selected as Skill Development Executive in the year 2013 under the programme making Thousand splendid stars. He is still working as SDE.
A batch of 33 students is there in the ongoing batch of ASAP from various streams. The timing of the class is 8.45 am to 9.45am.
Anjali.U and Sruthi were selected for summer skill skool in 2015.
Two students Imransha I. and Vasudevan Gireesh Unnithan were selected as Skill Development Executive in the year 2015.
A committee was formed to govern the activities of ASAP in this college with Principal, ASAP Co-ordinator, ASAP Programme manager , ASAP SDE and parents of two ASAPIANs .

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